Jainaba Badjan

Vice President JP Morgan Payments Transformation Product Manager

Panel Discussion

Key success/achievements

-Established a career in Asia for 7 years where I managed banking operations teams and expanded into Project Management 

– Lead the Community Outreach team for JP Morgan’s Black Network BOLD

– Extensive experience integrating and developing grassroots talent

Interest areas

I am passionate about empowering young people as I understand that accessing opportunities can be a challenge. This is something I want to change to enable young people to feel empowered and confident to strive for their ambitions.

I am also passionate about Africa. Being of Gambian heritage I have been privileged to experience Africa and grow up in the diaspora culture. My dream is for Africa to develop into a self-sufficient continent and for its people to have access to increased opportunities and standards of living.

Simon Hudson

Former tutor, presently an author

Key success/achievements

The author Simon Hudson is a former tutor of 33 years as a teacher and one of his past achievements lecturing at Imperial College. He talks on Prison Radio and workshops in schools his extensive research and writing on the ‘Black Experience’ is demonstrated in his recent work of publishing two volumes ‘History of through the Black Experience. His books can be employed in schools by teachers and act as an invaluable resource in school libraries.

Glory Sam Jolly

Artist, Entrepreneur, and Digital marketer

Key success/achievements

Born and raised in London, 24-year-old Glory Sam Jolly is an Afro-Caribbean and multidisciplinary artist, with a First-Class bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Painting at UAL. Exploring colonial themes through her latest project, Glory created platform ‘Black Aristocratic Art’ featured in ‘New York Times’. This enterprise seeks to re-present unique and unpopular historical narratives in the art world. Glory was featured in the National Gallery in March 2020.

She also feature’s in English Heritage ‘Painting Our Past’ documentary/ painting series, painting ‘James Chappell’, 2021. Glory presented in the Tate gallery’s ‘How to Tate’ documentary/ painting series in 2022, and her series ‘Dear Archives’ collaborated with Nike via Home by Ronan McKenzie in 2023.


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