The hub is a social enterprise that tackles social issues on discrimination and prejudice of the African Diaspora through Art. We move to mobilise especially the young African Diaspora to embrace their African ‘Identity’ and culture. We encompass this by hosting a six-month program of workshops where we mentor and develop creativity using traditional African Arts and craft practices. We also host a market place as a trading arm to fundraise for our workshops. 


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Go Africa is an African Diaspora community led cultural hub and festival proceeded by a series of workshops led by a British born Gambian. This year the project is powered by the Islington Council Community Chest, the theme ‘IDENTITY’ using different art forms. How do we define our ‘IDENTITY’ as Africans, African-Caribbean’s and Bi-racial in Islington?  


We are also delighted to be supported by Islington’s Equalities team, Voluntary Action Islington, Cooperative Islington and St Luke’s Community Centre based in Islington. The workshops feature the African arts in all disciplines including literature, visual arts, textiles, music, adornment, and cuisine to name a few. All workshops deliver fun edutainment sessions for all ages and genres of the African Diaspora and Islington communities.  


Go Africa’s main purpose is to bond and improve the targeted communities and neighbours understanding of each other’s culture and a movement to mobilise the African creative communities (particularly those in Islington London) to collaborate and showcase positive talent, art, literature and African World music alongside providing workshops to help diverse and disadvantaged young people, adults and children.  

The event is a good opportunity to tackle culture clashes in UK born Africans who may have a different view of developing love of heritage and knowledge of Africa. Throughout the day we will deliver workshops based on our cultural Identity, in the evening we will be hosting a fundraising drinks reception featuring Q&A with a VIP Panel and a few keynote speeches.  

We want to promote a positive understanding of the beauty in African culture through the following disciplines of visual arts and interactive fun workshops: 

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Every year we are looking for bigger and better venues and offer bigger and better experiences. 

As well as exposure of our Partners and Sponsors, it is imperative that we continue to grow for the benefit of our members and the small businesses that thrive in our network events and festivals. 

Go Africa is a movement to mobilise the African & Caribbean creative communities to come together to showcase talent, art, culture, education alongside provide wellbeing workshops to support young adults and children.  

We work with a collection of independent businesses with designs spanning the African continent will be displaying everything from bold statement necklaces inspired by the continent to ethical textile home products featuring domestic home wares from Congo, Art work from South Africa to natural skincare from Ghana. 


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