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Hear the beat of the drum something is coming to Islington Town Hall 


Tuesday 4th October Day 1

Hall One:

10am – 12pm Speach
12pm – 2pm Q & A
2pm – 4pm Music & Poetry


Hall Two:

10am – 12pm kids workshop
12pm – 2pm Pop Up Shops
2pm – 4pm Gallery

Wednesday 5th October Day 2

Hall One:

10am – 12pm Welcome Note
12pm – 2pm Fashion Show
2pm – 4pm Music & Poetry


Hall Two: 

10am – 12pm Art workshop
12pm – 2pm Pop Up Shops
2pm – 4pm Gallery

Go Africa celebrates ‘IDENTITY’ at Islington Town Hall

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosted by Islington Council Equalities Team for our last event of the year over two days in the iconic listed building the ‘ISLINGTON TOWN HALL’ bringing together all of the skills learned and showcasing what was achieved throughout the 2022 program, it will be a day to remember, with indoor activities, delicious Caribbean Jerk Chicken, vegetarian delights, variety of Jollof rice, Grilled fish, Rum Punches, this menu goes on and on for the grand finale evening reception at this listed building. 

We have an amazing showcase that will exhibit artwork from the Islington community who attended our flower bashing, Adire tie-dye, and water painting workshops embracing their ‘CULTURAL IDENTITY’. We delivered wellbeing workshops and so much more to support young adults and children through working with a collection of independent creative businesses spanning the African Diaspora. 

The exciting plus this year is the launch of the Go Africa Festival website, funded by Cooperative Islington. The event will be well attended by a variety of African communities from gracious black men and women who have positive aspirations for the visibility of the African Diaspora in creative practices, to name few highlights to come. A digital and physical gallery showcasing the outcomes of our workshops and past works leading up to the launch of Go Africa Festival. 

Countdown for the most exciting celebration of culture

We will also be displaying everything from fashion photography, fashion displays, and bold statement necklaces inspired by the continent to ethical textile home products featuring domestic homewares from Congo, Artwork from Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa natural skincare from Ghana, and batik from The Gambia. You will be able to join mini-creative workshops, pre-booking is essential. 

The best part will be the talks and education zone for learning, and developing skills & knowledge through African Arts and crafts. A real fun day for the children, youths, and family 

You don’t want To miss this! 

We want to promote a positive understanding of the beauty in African culture through the following disciplines of visual arts and interactive fun.

  • Art
  • Drumming
  • Poetry & Spoken Word
  • African Dance
  • Literature & History
  • Adornment

Live Performances: 
  • Recitations from authors
  • Story telling from Griots
  • Spoken word with
  • drumming
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Heritage
  • Culture
  • Craft
  • Food
  • Textiles
  • Adornment
  • Beauty
  • Music
  • Art

We would like to give a big thank you to some of our sponsors so far:  

Islington Equalities team 

Cooperative Islington 

Islington Community Chest 

Islington Tribune Newspaper 

The Voice Newspaper 

Promote our Heritage 


If you would like to get involved or sponsor please contact us at anne@goafricaworkshop.com 


“We host creative workshops, within a six months program. The workshops are where we mentor and develop creativity using traditional African arts and craft practices.”

Anna Njie Ceo of Go Africa Community Hub


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